Buzz & Reviews

“Jonathan has written an extraordinarily provocative and excellently researched book. While you can rush to the useful ‘How tos,’ I urge you, even beg you, to read and reflect–digging into this topic will yield real pay dirt.”

Tom Peters, author of In Search of Excellence.

“Stress and Success is a must read for those who work and lead others in high-stakes settings, whether on the battlefield or in the corporate boardroom.

Michael D. Matthews, Professor of Engineering Psychology, United States Military Academy, West Point.

“Brown’s ability to translate what we’ve learned in war into how you can help yourself in peace is masterful.”

Michael Duncan Wyly, Colonel, USMC (Ret). Executive Director, Bossov Ballet.

“This should be a mandatory read for every busy person.”

John Molter, Vice President, Global Customer Business Development, Procter & Gamble (Ret.)

“Brown offers a comprehensive program for achieving this goal, pages of strategies and techniques that you can start using today and continue for a lifetime.”

Chet Richards, Author of Certain to Win and long term collaborator with John Boyd.

“Jonathan Brown is one of the finest coaches in Europe. This book provides a wonderful introduction to one of the many areas in which he provides expertise and enlightenment. It offers much useful advice as well as practical tools to deal with a broad variety of stress related issues.”

Gary Leboff, Sports Psychologist, Author of Dare-Take on Your Life and Win.

“A must read for anyone with a busy and stressful life!”

Dr Paul A Brogan Reader in Vasculitis and Consultant Paediatric Rheumatologist, ICH and GOSH NHS Foundation Trust.

“Jonathan Brown has written an impressive volume on how to handle stress, building on his personal experience and years of helping clients with stress problems.

Dr Holger Ursin, Stress Research pioneer, Professor emeritus, Uni health, University of Bergen, Norway.

“There is something in Stress and Success for any leader who has been stressed, i.e. all of us! I highly recommend this book.”

Nigel Cushion, Chairman, nelsonspirit.

“Jonathan Brown’s common-sense approach to stress leadership is both highly effective and immediately useful.  You can take the lessons from this book and employ them right away.  I can’t recommend Stress and Success any more highly!”

Lt. Colonel Mike Grice, US Marine Corp, (Ret.)

“You may think the topic doesn’t apply to you but you’re wrong. This book applies to everyone. An excellent book.”

Neil Marwood, Finance Director, Plasmor plc.

“For many people, constant change equals increased stress – at work and play. Jonathan’s book aims to turn such stress into an advantage. It’s a form of mental alchemy which has got to be essential reading!”

Steve J. Smith – Director of Sales, AG Barr plc.

“This book is a terrific mix of practical wisdom and illuminating stories.

Paul Z. Jackson, author of The Inspirational Trainer and The Solutions Focus.

“Stress and Success pulls out practical and real guidance on finding and maintaining a healthy life balance. Listening and acting on it can positively impact your life and improve your leadership.”

Matthew Crummack, President,

“Within this book Jonathan utilises the wisdom of highly successful people, research into high performance, personal experience and good common sense to create a resource that is entertainingly educational and highly practical.

David Whitaker O.B.E., Olympic Gold Medal winning coach and business coaching pioneer.

 “Well-researched and with a range of fascinating examples and case studies, this excellent book shows you how to keep moving and succeed in difficult times and avoid crises before they happen.

Tom Butler-Bowdon, author of 50 Psychology Classics and 50 Philosophy Classics.

“As startling as it is revelatory, this is a book I want to read again and again. It insures that Boyd’s ideas will live on.”

Robert Coram, Author of Boyd: The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War.

 “Of the many books I have read on extreme stress and its effects, Jonathan’s approach in providing clear and sometimes amusing examples makes this a Number One read.  Colonel Jill W. Chambers, US Army. (R) P.T.S.D. Pioneer and Founder of This Able Vet.