Working With You

We (my colleagues and I) specialise in leadership in turbulent situations. Working directly gives you access to the latest ideas and the fastest application. We also find ways to weave our ideas into what you have already been doing and link this work to what the market is looking for.  We have found that it is possible to generate change much faster and more cheaply than most of us realise.

That’s not to say an engagement wouldn’t be difficult. But you will experience less and less  damaging stress and more stress that leads to better performance tomorrow.  Whilst some of our clients are in a lot of trouble when they call, most are doing reasonably well but simply want to make more of the opportunities they have created for themselves.  All we look for is a keen desire to make progress.
The type of engagement depends on your needs. Jonathan can speak to the whole organisation or the team could work with separate parts of the organisation to help generate change more locally.