From Stress Management to Stress Leadership

You can blow up, burn out and lose everything and then recover…or you can apply the principles of Stress and Success and never have to! 

Negative stress is so prevalent today that many people have concluded that the best they can hope for is survival.  Instead of the vibrant, stimulating time we had hoped to have, life sometimes feels as if you are in the cross hairs of a gun and that you need to do all you can to dodge the proverbial bullet?

From Surviving Stress to Succeeding through Stress

This book was written to help you to reject this belief wholeheartedly. With the help of my colleagues and some of the world’s best research into thriving in turbulent situations, I’ve developed a new approach to stress. That approach recognises that even if it is sometimes true that survival is success, this doesn’t make it the truth. You can thrive in turbulent environments. You just need to find smarter approaches to tackle today’s challenges in a way that makes you stronger tomorrow.

We’re Making Things Much Harder Than They Need to Be

This new way of dealing with stress is something I developed as I recovered from burn out about 4 years ago.  It’s helped me to be much more successful by getting more helpful stress (i.e. stress that makes me stronger tomorrow).  Stress as an essential part of our lives. It literally provides energy and motivation to do great things.  However, we can get too much of it so you need to find a better way to tackle unhelpful stress so that you can build the future you want.

I want you to see that there is a positive way to deal with stress.  But, before you conclude this is another book telling you that stress is only in your head, stick around for a couple more paragraphs until I answer this question – Who am I and why do I think this?

Who am I and Why Do I Think This?


Well, I’m someone who endured toxic levels of stress for years, burnt out, lost almost everything and has come back stronger. I am also someone who has spent years studying those people who make life and death decisions every day- in-extremis performers to ensure that the solutions I found would work for others.

Helping Smart People Like You

I know there’s a better way to handle stress because I spend my time helping some of the smartest people on the planet to improve their relationship with stress and get even better and what they do. You can replace most negative stress – the hamster wheel feeling that comes from working extraordinarily hard just to stand still- with more positive stress-the stress you experience when your hard work leads to a sense of genuine progress-where the effort is worth the reward.

Delusional Fantasy Alert

I’m not offering you a delusional fantasy that you can live stress free. You don’t actually want that as the only people without stress are dead! There’ll still be tough days or even months.  But there will be much more growth, development and satisfaction in your life. To get more of this, you need to look more broadly at what contributes to your stress (both helpful and unhelpful) and then do what the research suggests we should do. As we work together, you will be increasingly able to see stressors (those events that challenge us) as chances for growth. This ability comes from seeing further ahead and then working hard to improve the capabilities and desire needed to succeed today and tomorrow. This can take a little time but it is utterly achievable. I know this because my clients, people just like you, are already doing it. This approach is something I call stress leadership.

You need Stress Leadership, not Stress Management.

Stress leadership the answer to 24/7 challenge. It includes a recognition that stress management, however well intentioned, just won’t cut it today. It simply isn’t enough. It’s also a recognition that most of us are inadvertently, but indisputably making stress so much harder than it needs to be.  The best performers intuitively recognise this. In fact, I guarantee that you do this some of the time – just not often and consistently enough for your current challenges. There has to be a better way – and there is.  Rapid change is possible and often surprisingly simple. You just have to know exactly what to do and do it at the perfect time – how hard can that be?!

At times it’s incredibly hard but if you have guides who have been through much of what you are going through (and maybe even worse things), it will get a whole lot easier.

So as I say on the book cover –

You can blow up, burn out and lose everything and then recover…or you can apply the principles in this book and never have to!